CMK2Inline - Edit K2 extra field right in item list

CMExtension is happy to introduce our new Joomla! component - CMK2Inline.

What is CMK2Inline?

CM K2 Inline is a Joomla! component helping you customize K2 component’s back-end item list and edit extra field inline.

K2 is the popular powerful content extension for Joomla with CCK-like (content construction kit) features. Every item of K2 can be extended by extra fields. If the most important part of your K2 content is extra fields then you would find it difficult to modify your K2 items. You need to go to item list, click an item, click Extra Fields tab, modify extra fields, save the item, go back to the list, click an item, and so on... It is also difficult for you to compare the extra field values of your K2 items. You can't open 10 browser tabs to check and compare 10 items.

CMK2Inline is designed to help you on this - manage extra fields in K2 with ease.

We would like to thank to all CMLiveDeal users who have supported us and have tested CM Live Deal 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 Beta!

We are happy to release 1.6.2 Stable, this release fixes 1 bug in 1.6.1: 404 error when viewing coupon.

If you have any question for this release or you find out any new problem, please feel free to contact us!

More new features will come in future releases!

We just released CMLiveDeal 1.6.1 Beta to fix a bug in 1.6.0 - we got 404 error when capturing a coupon.

Thank you so much for testing and reporting this bug to us!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you discover any problem in this beta release or have any question.

CM Live Deal 1.5.2 Stable

CMExtension would like to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.6.0 Beta!

This release contains some bug fixes, improvements and a new feature.

Bug fixes:

  • Not able to select deal when manually creating a coupon in back-end.
  • Deal's ending date was not generated when integrating with Membership Pro and auto-approving deal was enabled.

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This is our thanks to you in trusting and using our extensions!

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Please note that the payment for All Extensions bundle is not refundable.

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