Hello everyone!

We would like to say thanks to all of you for your wedding wishes! Thank you very much!

Now we are back to work and we would like to announce that CMGroupBuying 2.2.0 is also released!

For more information about new features in 2.2.0 version, please view this article.

We want to say thanks to CMGroupBuying's users for your support, bug reports and feature requests! We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMGroupBuying!

Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang

Hello everyone!

Most of you may have noticed that our team has only 2 members, Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang. And... yes... the only 2 members of CMExtension team are going to get married in next 2 weeks, so for now we are not only busy in customer support, extension development, but also for celebrating our wedding.

We will try our best to reply your forum posts, tickets and emails as soon as possible. If there is any delay, we hope you could understand and give us a little more time to get back to you.

In the last week of May, our support will be back to normal.

Thank you for understanding!

Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang

Hello everyone,

CMExtension team is pleased to announce that CMGroupBuying 2.1.0 is now available to download. Our apology for a little bit late in releasing this version, the testing process took more time than we expected.

Please click here to know about new features in CMGroupBuying 2.1.0 and plans for the next version 2.2.0.

We want to say thanks to CMGroupBuying's users for your support! We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMGroupBuying!


Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang

Partner's management area in CMGroupBuying 2.2.0

Hello everyone,

CMExtension team would like to announce the new features in CMGroupBuying 2.1.0 and 2.2.0 which will be released soon.

We plan to release CMGroupBuying 2.1.0 in the next upcoming weeks with the following new features:

  • New payment gateways: Faturah (Saudi Arabia) and Alipay (China).
  • New option for default date time format in front-end.
  • New options for default coupon design, now you don't need to redesign your coupon everytime you create new deal.
  • Short description, highlights, terms and conditions, coupon expiration date will be available in coupon.
  • Checkout form is customization easily in back-end. Instead of modifying the source code to hide fields that you don't use or mark them optional/required, now you can do this in back-end just by some mouse clicks. A new field for "Full name" is added, you can use "Full name" field instead of 2 fields for "First name" and "Last name" if you want.
  • Integration with Community Builder's user profile. Similar to JomSocial and Joomla! profile, checkout form could be prefilled with user profile from Community Builder.
  • The background color of our templates are back to white color instead of black. jQuery Backstretch is now used for stretching background image to fit window screen. CSS code for stretching background image and black fading effect is removed.

CMGroupBuying 2.2.0 will be released in the middle of May. The new features in this release are:

  • Commission rate: You can provide commission rate for your deal. How much commission you earn is available in back-end report and partner's report.
  • New management area for partner:

At the present time there are 3 menu items for partner to manage coupon and deal: Partner area, deal management, deal submission. With the new management area, all these 3 functions will be available in 1 place, there is also a new section for commission report. You can configure what function partner is able to see or what action partner can do in back-end, for example you can configure to let buyer detail not available for partner to see.

Partner area, deal management, deal submission menu items are not removed. So there will be no problem if you are using these menu items. But you should switch to the new management area soon, in a near future these 3 menu items will be removed.

You can see a screenshot of partner area that we are developing at the top of this article.

  • Staff and management area for staff:

If your group buying site is managed by many team members or by a company, you would like to give some of your team members permission to manage coupon and order without giving them access to Joomla!'s back-end. For example, your staff need to have access to customer orders to answer customer's question about order or coupon status when your customer ring your office's phone; or they have ability to change the order status to "Paid" when customer's bank transfer payment comes to  your bank account... Similar to partner's management area, you can configure what function your staff can see and can use in Joomla!'s backend.

  • Parnter and staff's management area comes with a new blank template and layout which are responsive by using Twitter Bootstrap (available in Joomla! since Joomla! 3.0.x). You can easily change the theme by replacing the CSS file of Twitter Bootstrap, you can design  your own them if you know CSS and Twitter Bootstrap or you can use online tools to make your own theme. This template is compatible with both Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.0.x.


We hope you will like these new features.


Thank you for your support!

Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang

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CMExtension team is proud to announce the new release of CMGroupBuying - version 2.0.0.

 Fixed issue:

New payment gateways:

New features:

  • New plug-in to insert many deals into ACYMailing newsletter
  • Terms and Service agreement checkbox is added
  • New menu items for active, expired and upcoming free coupons
  • Joom!Fish content elements are added to the package by default. We officially support Joom!Fish integration since CMGroupBuying 2.0.0.
  • You can translate and download translation files for CMGroupBuying at Transifex. Please view this article for more information.

We want to say thanks to CMGroupBuying's users for your support! We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMGroupBuying!


CMExt Team

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