CMExtension team is proud to announce the first release of CMCouponListing.

CMCouponListing component gives you ability to setup a coupon listing site, where stores or merchants can register and submit their discount offers like coupon code, coupon image, discount activation link, affiliate link; this helps them promote their trademarks, promote their services and earn more sales.


  • GPL 2 or later


  • Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x.x.
  • PHP 5.2 or newer.

Additional extensions:

  • CMCouponListing Category List module: a module lists all categories.
  • CMCouponListing Featured Merchants module: a module shows random featured merchants.
  • CMCouponListing Search module: a module displays a search form.
  • cmcouponlistingmerchant plug-in: a plug-in for integration with Akeeba Subscription component, a merchant is automatically created in CMCouponListing when user subscribes a subscription in Akeeba Subscription component. Merchant is inactive when subscription expires.
  • tagcmcouponlising plug-in: a tag plug-in for ACYMailling, this helps you insert many coupons from a specific category into ACYMailing's newsletter automatically.

Main features:


  • 2 layouts: non-responsive and responsive (Bootstrap).
  • Menu item for listing all coupons, coupons in specific categories.
  • Menu item for listing all categories and merchants in them.
  • Menu item for listing all merchants.
  • Menu item for search page.
  • Coupons from featured merchants or featured coupons can be displayed on the top of coupon list.
  • Merchant's management area, where merchant edits profile and manages coupons.
  • Integrate with Akeeba Subscription, only active merchant can access management area, when merchant's subscription expires his/her account is deactivated so he/she can't access this area any more, unless he/she extends the subscription in Akeeba Subscription.
  • Merchant can upload his/her own logo image.
  • Merchant can create, edit and delete his/her own coupons.
  • Registration form for user to sign up as a merchant.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ sharing for coupon and merchant.
  • Coupon detail page.
  • Support Joomla!'s access control. Coupon can be configured to available to a specific user group, this give you ability to deliver special coupons to special users, for example, users who pay for monthly fee to have access to special offers.
  • Merchant registration settings inherit from Users component's settings.
  • Merchant logo upload settings inherit from Media component's settings.


  • Manage category, merchant, coupon.
  • Manage where coupon images and logo images are stored.
  • Enable or disable Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons.
  • Enable or disable coupon detail page.
  • Control where users can get offers, in coupon listing page or in coupon detail page.

We look forward to receiving your feedback for this new product.

You can purchase CMCouponListing here, the price is $50 and you receive support, updates in lifetime.

CMCouponListing demo site:

Dear CMGroupBuying users,

CMExtension is pleased to announce the availability of CMGroupBuying version 2.5.0.

In this release CMGroupBuying has the following new features and changes:

  • Autopost plug-in is updated to fix Facebook issue.
  • New payment plug-in: MOLPay.
  • Partner can edit his information in Partner Management Area.
  • Akeeba Subscription integration for partner.
  • Improvements in AlphaUserPoint integration:
    • Customizable exchange rate.
    • Reward rule supports percentage value.

We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for your bug reports, feature requests and your support!

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Dear CMGroupBuying users,

We are working for the next release of CMGroupBuying, version 2.5.0. We hope it will be available at the beginning of September, or if there is any big issue which delays the release we will try our best to release CMGroupBuying 2.5.0 in the middle of the month.

In this 2.5.0 release we have the following new features:

  • MOLPay payment plugin.
  • Partner can edit his information in Partner Management Area.
  • Akeeba Subscription integration: after a user subscribes for a specific subscription in Akeeba Subscription component, a partner is created automatically for that user, he can log into Partner Management Area and add/change his company info, then create his first deal immediately. When his subscription expires, the partner is unpublished, he can't access Partner Management Area anymore unless he renews or subscribes the subscription again.
  • Improvements in AlphaUserPoint integration:
    • Exchange rate: instead of having 1 point = 1 currency unit exchange rate which can not be modified, now you can set your custom exchange rate, eg 1 point = 10 currency point (1 point = $10 for example).
    • Reward rule supports percentage value: Instead of rewarding buyer a specific amount of point for buying deal, you can reward him an amount of point which is the percentage of deal price. For example, if your AUP's rule percentage value is 50%, buyer will receive 50 points if he buys a $100 deal, or 20 points for a $40 deal.

We hope you will like these new features. Thank you for your support and feature requests!

CMExtension Team

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We are pleased to announce the availability of CMGroupBuying version 2.4.0.

We planned to release this version at the end of July, however because of the issue in Joomla! 3.1.4 we postponed the release. After Joomla! 3.1.5 was out, we tested everything again to be sure the bug in Joomla! was fixed and CMGroupBuying could run on Joomla! 3.1.5 without any problem.

CMGroupBuying 2.4.0 has the following changes:

We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for support!

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CMExtension Team would like to announce that CMGroupBuying 2.3.0 is now available to download in CMGroupBuying download area.

CMGroupBuying 2.3.0 includes some bug fixes and the following changes/new features:

  • Bootstrap is loaded in back-end in both Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x.x.
  • The number of deal option is increased to 10.
  • A new email template for administrator when there is new cash order made.
  • Menu items for deal listing and free coupon listing now have an option to list deals / free coupons in a specific location.
  • K2 integration: we have ability to map a K2's item to a CMGroupBuying's deal, we can insert buy button, countdown timer and number of purchases of deal into K2's item. When user clicks on buy button in K2's item page, deal is added to cart and user is taken to CMGroupBuying's checkout form.
  • CM Group Buy template has a responsive K2 layout included. We can use this K2 layout to override K2's default layout to have a responsive site with Bootstrap.

We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMGroupBuying!
You can discuss this news in our forum.

CMExtension Team


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