CMLiveDeal 1.4.0 Beta is released

CMExtension is pleased to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.4.0 Beta! This beta includes many bug fixes, improvements and new features.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue with Joomla! cache.


  • Solution to fix the conflict between MooTools and Bootstrap 2 is applied by default.
  • Search function in back-end's deal list and front-end's deal list looks into merchant's name and merchant's about, this gives ability to search for deals from a specific merchant faster.
  • Deal's URL and deal's title are applied to browser's address bar and browser's tab title when a deal popup is opened in deal list.
  • Option to change the width of deal image thumbnail in deal list.
  • Translations (not 100% full) for Spanish (es-ES, translated by ServiApps) and Portuguese (pt-PT, translated by Eugênio Telles) are now included by default. Thank to Eugênio and ServiApps for your contributions!

We would like to announce the release of CMCouponListing 2.0.2. It fixes some problems in 2.0.1 version:

  • PHP error for merchant website as reported in the forum.
  • Missing merchant info in coupon detail page of responsive layout.
  • Coupon detail page of responsive layout didn't look good on mobile.

Thank you for letting us know these issues!

If you have any problem or question, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We are pleased to announce the release of CM Coupon Listing 2.0.1 Stable. This release only contains the fix for a reported bug in our forum for 2.0.0 Beta.

CM Coupon Listing users can download the release at the component's download area. If you are not a subscriber, please purchase a subscription here.

You can get the documentation at

You can try the front-end demo at

Thank you for your help in testing the Beta release and your support for CM Coupon Listing! If you have any problem in using the component or you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

We are pleased to announce the beta version of CMLiveDeal 1.3.0!

1.3.0 Beta has 2 bug fixes:

  • Bug in searching for deals.
  • Bug in uninstalling the component.

And some new features/options:

  • Option to hide merchant's photos in deal's popup.
  • Option to automatically approve and publish new submitted deal. Administrators don't need to manually check and publish new deal.
  • Coupon QR code is available. QR code will be used with Merchant mobile application in future.
  • Membership Pro's subscription renewal is now supported. When renew a subscription, the expiration dates of merchant's deals will be extended. This gives merchants ability to continue showing their deals without upgrading to higher subscription level which they don't need, this also gives site owners changes to earn more money.

Thank you for your support, bug reports and suggestions for CMLiveDeal!

If you encounter any problem in this beta release please let us know!

CMLiveDeal's mobile application

CMExtension is proud to release the first version of CMLiveDeal Customer application for Android mobile device. This version is for CMLiveDeal subscribers to test and give us feedback to improve the app in future, together with applying the ideas to the iOS version which will be developed soon.

As we announced about the development for CMLiveDeal's mobile apps, this Android app is 1 of the 4 mobile app for CMLiveDeal, there will be another app for merchant on Android, 1 app for customer on iOS and 1 app for merchant on iOS.

If you are a subscriber of CMLiveDeal, you can get the source code of this app for free here.

If you are not a subscriber yet, you will need to purchase for CMLiveDeal subscription to be able to get CMLiveDeal Joomla! component and this mobile app's source code.

You can find the setup documentation for the app here.