We are pleased to announce the new version of CM Coupon Listing - 2.0.0 - is released for beta testing.

In the release, CM Coupon Listing has some changes and new features:

  • Customizable coupon modal size (for non-responsive layout only).
  • Meta tag description and keywords for individual merchant and coupon.
  • Sub-category.
  • Change merchant's name and merchant's alias when save as copy.
  • Affiliate link for coupon code.
  • Customizable offer types, disable offer types that you don't want to use.
  • Guest or registered users can submit coupon.
  • Vote for good and bad coupon. If coupon is good, ask voter how much he/she saved and what items he/she bought. If coupon is bad, ask voter the reason why.
  • Send email to admins when new coupon is submitted.

Since this release you can get the documentation at http://cm-coupon-listing.readthedocs.org.

You can try the front-end demo of this new version at CM Coupon Listing demo site http://couponlistingdemo.cmext.vn/.

CM Coupon Listing subscribers can download this new release at the component's download area. If you are not a subscriber, please purchase a subscription here.

If you are running CM Coupon Listing in a production site, please try to upgrade in a test site, always backup before upgrade. If there is any problem, please contact us for support.

If you find any bug, have suggestions and feedback, please contact us in our forum or email us.

Thank you for your support!

Our hosting provider 's mail server is currently getting some problems so if you contact us via our ticket system and forum you will not receive notificiation emails from us when we reply to you.

So please email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any issue. We apologize for this inconvenient! We will let you know when the mail server is back to function.

Since the first releases of CMDealAggregator, we have received many feedback and suggestions from CMDealAggregator users. We would like to thank to all of you for your support and contributions! Listen to your ideas, we have been working to improve CMDealAggregator, make it more easier to use, and CMDealAggregator 1.3.0 is the result, sure more will come in the future releases! Please keep giving us your feedback!

Here are the changes in CMDealAggregator 1.3.0:

  • The source code was totally rebuilt to follow Joomla! Coding Standards.
  • Ordering in category, location and site are removed. Now all of the items are sort by name, user can find an item in the list easier, administrator doesn't need to sort the items manually.
  • Location, category, original price, discount fields of deal are now optional. Who needs to create deal manually will love this change.
  • Google+ is now added to the list of social networks for sharing deal.
  • Ability to show or hide info in deal detail page.
  • Ability to import many XML feeds for 1 website. In the past 1 website only supports 1 XML feed.
  • XML files which are compressed into GZ files are now supported.
  • All parsers are removed. No need for building new parser, no need to open XML file to get element name, no need to enter element name for every field.
  • Cron job from CLI (command line interpreter).
  • Tool to delete downloaded XML files.
  • Tool to truncate the deal table right from Joomla! back-end. No need to using phpMyAdmin or hosting control panel.
  • Category view is removed. Deal list now can be filtered by category, location and website.
  • Secret key for web based cron.
  • Search deals by keyword.
  • Groupon.com's feed is currently not supported. Please check this post for the reason. We will improve this in the next versions.

CMDealAggregator 1.3.0 is still in beta version. Please report any issue to us, all reports are appricated to make the component more stable!

If you are going to upgrade your old version of CMDealAggregator to 1.3.0, please check http://cm-deal-aggregator.readthedocs.org/en/latest/pages/upgrading.html for upgrading tips. Do not try to upgrade on your production site!

Dear CMDealAggregator users,

Today we received an email from Groupon for an update in their API: the XML version is deprecated. Here is the content of the mail:


We wanted to let you know that as of October 1st the XML version of our V2 deals API was deprecated and will no longer be supported.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are using this API (you can tell if you start receiving error message 415) you can switch all of your calls to use the .json endpoint for uninterrupted service as it will still be supported (please see example below). If you anticipate these changes to negatively affect or impact your internal processes please reach out and we’ll assist you as much as possible.

Example XML call (deprecated): http://api.groupon.com/v2/deals.xml?client_id=XXXX&division_id=chicago

Example .json call: http://api.groupon.com/v2/deals.json?client_id=XXXX&division_id=chicago


We didn't receive any email from Groupon in the past announcing that XML version would be deprecated in October 1st 2014. In their forum, there is no announcement too. In their documentation, XML version is still listed. This is really frustrating.

With this change, we will no longer be able to import deals from Groupon in CMDealAggregator.

We have been working for a new version of CMDealAggregator, it is finished and we are writing the new documentation, a beta version was planned to be released in the next few days right after the documentation was finished. This new version has many new cool features:

  • Support GZ files. Now you can import deals from Affiliate Window and Zanox's GZ version.
  • Parsers are not used any more. You will not need to ask us to build new parsers for you or asking what parser to use any more.
  • Selecting XML elements without openning the XML file. You can select what XML tag to import right within Joomla's back-end.
  • Cron job file to run from server's command line interpreter.
  • and more...

However, because of this issue from Groupon, we would like to delay the release to investigate for an alternative way. The worst case is we force to use the JSON API. Because CMDealAggregator only supports XML, adding JSON support is a big change and requires more time to finish.

If you don't use Groupon and need the release please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you the release via email. You need to have an active subscription of CMDealAggregator, so if you are not a subscriber yet, please purchase for a subscription first.

We will try our best to solve this issue and release the new version as soon as possible.


CMExtension team


We would like to announce that CM Live Deal 1.1.0 Beta is now available to download.

This version includes a new option for detecting user's location via HTML5 Geolocation. Now you have 2 options for that: using HTML5 Geolocation service or using MaxMind service.

1.1.0 fixes a bug in deal's modal in deal list page: the "Get coupon" button is not visible in mobile devices because a bug in Bootstrap 2.

Thank you for your all suggestions and bug reports for making the component better!