Dear CMDealAggregator users,

CMExtension is pleased to announce the availability of CMDealAggregator version 1.4.0 Stable.

CMDealAggregator 1.4.0 fixes an issue in selecting site in modal in 1.3.2 Beta, and add a ability to filter deals in tagcmdealaggregator2 plugin with category, now you can get deals from a sepecific city and a specific category to insert into your ACYMailing newsletter with this tag format:


Thank you for using CMDealAggregator and help us improve it by reporting bugs and sharing your ideas!

If you have any question on this release, please feel free to contact us via our contact form or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CMExtension would like to announce the availability of our new component - CM Mobile.

While working for the mobile applications of CM Live Deal, we realized that there were many tasks that we would need to do the same in many mobile applications: register new account, login, logout, connect to Facebook or Google, etc... If we implemented these features to CM Live Deal, we would need to add them again to our future intergations and extensions (for example CM Group Buying), then we would have the same code in many extensions, this would be difficult to fix bugs or add new features.

Those are the reasons we decided to build CM Mobile, it handles to common tasks to connect mobile application and Joomla!, it also includes the functions to get the data from the supported components and return to mobile application.

CM Live Deal's Android application

There were so many users requesting for mobile applications for our extensions CM Live Deal and CM Group Buying. So we decided to give a try: let's make one!

Most people wanted a hybrid mobile application powered by PhoneGap/Cordova because

  • It is easy to customize: if you know web development then you can customize the source code of the application easily.
  • It is low cost for maintenance: hiring a web developer or a PhoneGap/Cordova developer is cheaper than hiring an Android application developer or an iOS application developer.
  • One source code, run everywhere: your application can run on almost all mobile operating systems, this gives you great ability to reach wider user base, from Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), to Windows Phone, BlackBerry, even Firefox phone or Ubuntu phone in future.

CMExtension would like to announce the available of CM Deal Aggregator 1.3.2 Beta.

This new release fixes some bug found in the 1.3.1 Beta:

  • Deal alias was not generated when creating/editing deal manually.
  • tagcmdealaggregator2 plugin didn't work properly.
  • Feed's location assignment didn't work properly.
  • Incorrect published/Unpublished status icons in back-end deal list.
  • Bug in front-end pagination.

CM Deal Aggregator users can download this new version in the component's download area.

Thank you for your bug reports and your support!

Today we decided to stop the developments of CMEvent, CMSupport and CM4Square, we have been so busy with other extensions and these 3 extensions were left behind with no more features or updates.

In the future if we have free time, we will start the developments again to update these extensions to be compatible with the latest release of Joomla! and required services, then we will release the source code of them on

Thank you for your purchases and your support for CMEvent, CMSupport and CM4Square!