We have been working for new Joomla! extension for instant deals / discount offers. Can't wait to release our new product!

Dear CMGroupBuying users,

Recently we have received some reports that the zip package of CMGroupBuying 2.8.0 can not be uncompressed after download. However, this issue doesn't happen to all users, we also don't have this issue here.

We are investigating the reason of this issue. If you download the file and can not extract it for the first time, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will send you the file via email, you don't need to try to download again.

We apology for this inconvenience and hope it will be solved soon.

Update on May 6: Instead of downloading a zip file, now you can download the jpa file of Akeeba Backup directly, the problem seems to be gone, please contact us if you face this problem again.


Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang

In the past few days we received many complains from users that our site was very slow and they couldn't download our extensions or log into our site after successful payment.

We just know that the Asia-America Gateway cable has been under a maintenance, this slows down the network from our server, which is located in our country, to the outside. That is the reason why the connection to our site is so slow and the payments couldn't be verified by PayPal (our server couldn't connect to PayPal server),

We hope this maintenance will be finished sooner or at least on time, they say everything will be back to normal on March 9.

So if you have any problem in payment, subscription or support, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can find more info about Asia-American Gateway here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia-America_Gateway

CMExtension team is proud to announce the release of CMGroupBuying 2.8.0!

New features:

  • New newsletter subscription popup plugin, the popup can be displayed in a specific menu item and users can close it easily to view the content of the page.
  • Search module now supports free coupons.
  • Search page now can use a public menu item (used to be a hidden menu item).
  • Free coupon management and free coupon submission pages are moved into Partner Management Area.
  • PDF coupon is supported. Now you have 2 options for coupon format: HTML (the old format) and PDF (the new one).
  • CMGroupBuying now can generate its own QR code, you have an option to select what QR code generator you want to use,Google Chart or the library in CMGroupBuying.
  • Featured free coupon is added (similar to Today Deal)
  • "Product" feature: you can create products and assign your deals to products. This new feature is useful if you have many deals for a single product. Create a Products page in your front-end will help your users find out what products you are selling and how many deals are available for those products.
  • Deal and free coupon now support custom meta key and meta description.
  • CMDealArticle plugin is rebuilt to work similar to CMDealK2 plugin.
  • CMGroupBuying More Coupons module is available, it works similar to More Deals module but for free coupon only.

New payment plugins:

  • Authorize.net's AIM direct payment plugin is now available
  • Sisow service is added to iDEAL payment plugin, however we still can't have ability to test it, so any help from you is really great!
  • eWAY Direct Payment plugin is available, we have problem in registering a sandbox account to test so we still can't test it yet, any help from you is really great!

We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMGroupBuying!


Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang

The next Friday is Vietnamese New Year's Eve. In the next few hours we are going to travel back our hometown and spend the new year holidays with our families.

We will be pretty busy with preparing for new year celebration and going to visit our relatives, so our support and replies to your forum posts, to your emails will be slow, however we will try our best to reply within 24 hours. So please be patient and please forgive us to this inconvenience!

Thank you very much for your support in the past year!

Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang