CMExt team is proud to announce the release of CMDealAggregator 1.1.0 with new features and improvements:

  • Ability to configure currency prefix and postfix.
  • Easy turn jQuery on/off or load it from internal/external source.
  • Ability to set new imported deals to unpublished/published status.
  • Provide parsers to import deals easier from any source (require PHP knowledge for builing parser - we will support you this with no cost). At the present, there are 4 parsers available, they are for,, and
  • Assign deal to category by keyword/tag.
  • A deal can be in many cities.
  • Deal detail page is available with new support information like deal description, highlight, terms and conditional, countdown timer... 
  • A deal map to browse deals in Google Maps.
  • New module to display deals.
  • New menu item type for category. Now you can create menu items for your categories.

Important note for CMDealAggregator 1.0.0 users: Because there are so many big changes in CMDealAggregator 1.1.0, so if you upgrade your 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 your current deals will not be displayed correctly, you will need to remove them and import again. So please do upgrade in a test site and then move CMDealAggregator to your production site, we can support you on this.

We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMDealAggregator!

Dear CMGroupBuying users,

We are pleased to announce the new features in CMGroupBuying 1.4.0:

  • Partner (merchant) can submit his/her deals in front-end, Administrators can review and approve those deals to make them public for sale.
  • Partner can have many locations (maximum is 5). At the present every partner only has 1 location.
  • Cookie for subscription form. If user has already submitted or skipped the form, it will not appear again until the cookie is expired.
  • Class suffix is supported in all CMGroupBuying's modules.
  • jQuery loading can be turned on/off easily in CMGroupBuying configuration.

We have planned to release CMGroupBuying 1.4.0 on August 24, 2012. But if the development and testing finish sooner, we will release it before August 24.

Thank you for supporting CMGroupBuying!

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SystemPay is an online payment solution from CyberplusPaiement Banque Populaire / Natixis (France). Pierre - a customer of us - requested us for this payment gateway in CMGroupBuying, and now the development was finished, the payment gateway is now available for everyone to use.

Thanks Pierre for helping us in the development!

You can download SystemPay in download area (in 1.3.0 category), and follow the instruction file to know how to make it ready to work.

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Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that CMGroupBuying 1.3.0 is now available to download!

Improvements in CMGroupBuying 1.3.0 are:

Bugs in QR codecreating new partner and checking max bought quantity in 1.2.0 are fixed.

Integration with JomSocial:

  • Pre-fill JomSocial profile when checking out
  • Buy deal with JomSocial point
  • Get bonus JomSocial point for referral
  • Post an activity on user's wall after buying deal


  • Administrator can delete orders
  • Administrator can manage coupons: change coupon status, delete coupons
  • List of latest news from developer in Dashboard
  • Partner can see the list of his/her coupons
  • Category browsing: browse deals in categories with Google Maps integration
  • CMGroupon Style template: component area uses full width of the page when there is no module on the right side

PagSeguro is a new supported payment gateway in CMGroupBuying!

You can find more details about new features in 1.3.0 version in this article: What's New In CMGroupBuying 1.3.0


CMExt Team wants to say thanks to CMGroupBuying's users who have helped us and supported CMGroupBuying since 1.0.0 version!

We also want to say thanks to customers who helped us testing PagSeguro payment gateway!

We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMGroupBuying!

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CMExt Team

We are pleased to announce the availability of CMSupport 1.1.0 - a simple and basic help desk/support system for Joomla!  CMSupport.

These are new features in 1.1.0:


  • Customer: ability to sort tickets
  • Staff: ability to sort tickets, filter tickets by customer name, subject and message body

 Notification mail:

  • Content of message is included in notification mail

And many minor improvements.

 You can try CMSupport 1.1.0 at You can purchase CMSupport here with $30 for 30 days subscription.

 Thank you for your support!


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