CMGroupBuying 1.8.0 is available

CMExt team is proud to announce the new release of CMGroupBuying - version 1.8.0.


Some bugs fixed since 1.7.0 version:

New features and improvements: 

  • Guest can buy for deals without registration.
  • Deal can be posted to Facebook and Twitter automatically from your Joomla back-end everytime you create/save a deal.
  • Administrator can send coupon email to receiver manually from Joomla back-end.
  • Administrator can edit buyer and gift receiver information. This is useful when guest purchased for a deal but entered a wrong email address so he/she can't reveive coupon email. You can change the email to a correct one and resend coupon email to him/her.
  • Advance payment accepts 0 price, you can create a free deal with Advance payment, your customers now only need to pay to merchants, no risk for paying online.
  • In Shopping cart, instead of entering the number of quantity of coupons you want to buy, now you only need to select it in a dropdown list. Administrator can configure the max value of this quantity dropdown list in back-end.
  • Some payment plugins support logging notification data.
  • DineroMail payment gateway plugin (tested with DineroMail Mexico).


We also would like to announce that the next version of CMGroupBuying will be released at the end of January 2013 with the most wanted feature: ability to buy many deals at the same time. This feature allows us to add many deals into the shopping cart.

In February 2013, there will be no new release of CMGroupBuying. The reasons are, we would like to spend a little time with our families in Vietnamese Lunar New Year, and we want to review all the existing features in CMGroupBuying, optimize the code to make CMGroupBuying's performance better, more easy to maintain. For support, we still provide you support as usual, even in holidays (but response time could be a little bit slower). In March 2013, CMGroupBuying will be back with 2.0.0 release.

We want to say thanks to CMGroupBuying's users who have helped us and supported CMGroupBuying since 1.0.0 version!

We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMGroupBuying!


CMExt Team

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