CMGroupBuying 2.0.0 is available

CMExtension team is proud to announce the new release of CMGroupBuying - version 2.0.0.

 Fixed issue:

New payment gateways:

New features:

  • New plug-in to insert many deals into ACYMailing newsletter
  • Terms and Service agreement checkbox is added
  • New menu items for active, expired and upcoming free coupons
  • Joom!Fish content elements are added to the package by default. We officially support Joom!Fish integration since CMGroupBuying 2.0.0.
  • You can translate and download translation files for CMGroupBuying at Transifex. Please view this article for more information.

We want to say thanks to CMGroupBuying's users for your support! We look forward to receiving your feedback for this release. Thank you for using CMGroupBuying!


CMExt Team

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